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Changing Times - Launching our new website

Sometimes an old-timer like me takes longer than others to change... When I started Drumbeat Photography it all sounded so simple, after all everyone told me I took great photos and I should be selling them.... WRONG!!!

I needed to market, develop a client base,fliers, business cards, a WEB SITE!!!!,

 So difficult, nooo it was a fiddle, Web Designers wanted an arm and a leg, they spoke in Tongues, and languages that I could not understand.. HTML, Meta data, data and so on...

So with the help friends, a book, some hand-me-down software, a website was built. Done and dusted, mission accomplished!

Then came the next curve ball, "you have to work social media!" Face Book, then Twitter, Google Plus and YOU Have to Have a BLOG!!!

This can drive a man to drink, and all because of a drink in a pub came the next part of the growing saga.

Sipping on a beer at the Brass Bell and friend asked me how the photography business was going....

The fellow sitting on the other side of the bar sat quietly listening and once the conversation ended said, "So you are a photographer?" -  a question that irks any photographer.

To this day I cannot remember my response, but after having my ear bent for an hour about search engines, key words, Google this and goggle, that enter Francois Marais of Kwikwap and Buddy Web design.

With his knowledge and background our new website was built, an interactive website linked to all the social media networks, with all the right attributes to activate search engine and become a successful business tool.

So here we are... New Web Site, new offerings and business are already growing in leaps and bounds.


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