As a photographer it was never my intention to enter this field of photography, but with the numerous requests from clients and companies that I worked with in the sports field I have found it necessary to do so.

I combine the use of nature and landscape with outdoor natural light and studio to bring out the best in portrait and fashion photography.

All assignments are done using high end professional Canon photographic equipment and editing, touching and design is done with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Drumbeat Photography offers models a set of tools that are needed for interviews and castings:

           1.    Z CARDS

This is photo sized card 132 mm x 196 mm (Just a tad smaller than an A4 page folded in half - A5) this card is  given in at the casting providing the Producer/Photographer with your size statistics (Generally your Height, Eye & Hair colour, Waist, Hips, shoe & dress sizes) and pictures of you in various poses.!

           2.   PORTFOLIOS

A Models Portfolio is their second most important tool when attending a Casting.  This is your personal modelling 'show case' you proudly show to the Producer the day of the Casting.  The Portfolio is a folder which contains 12 or more large prints generally A4 or slightly larger (Drumbeat?s is 304 mm x 304 mm).  These prints are a collection of your best photos and can be a combination of colour, Black & White, and photos of various locations including the studio.  The portfolio can be expanded and updated as your acquire more and better photographs.  This portfolio belongs, is paid for, and is kept by the model.  Once again the first impression are extremely important and your portfolio needs to spell this out.

            3.   BUSINESS CARDS 

Drumbeat offers their clients Business cards which are nice additional tools, but not a necessity.  These can be handed out just like a normal business card and are cheaper to hand out than your Z-Cards, however it is not a replacement.  The business card will have the same 'Look & Feel' as your Z-Card just smaller 80 mm x 50 mm and also contains photos of you on the back.  The cards are digitally printed on both sided and have a hi quality Thinflex Gloss coating giving a very professional look.  The cards can be ordered in quantities of 250 or more at a time and are paid for by the model.

           4.   Z DISC

Drumbeat Photography also offers  models a Promotional Z-Disk which takes the basic paper card into the 21st century.  This DVD is menu driven and can be viewed on a DVD player or PC. Due to the large size available on the disk other models can also be viewed making this truly a universal promotional tool.  These DVD are professionally packaged in a black DVD case with your own personalized printed insert and printed disk.

Model & Portfolio Photography

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